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  • Innovative Enterprise and Dynamic Democracy

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    Latin America’s startup scene is vibrant and growing, yet regional differences are plentiful. Jamie Stark looks at social and political factors driving innovative businesses in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil – and asks, Is democracy a startup essential? What does it take to make a strong business culture? Political stability, […]

  • Catcalls and the right to the city

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    JULIANA CUNHA In Brazil, a campaign against catcalls is drawing attention to the situation of women in cities. Male catcallers are found in many places around the world and there’s no shortage of them either in any city in Brazil. It’s highly unlikely for a woman to spend a day […]

  • Indigenous Women in Mexico’s Urban Centers

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      The aftermath of the 1993 uprising, known as the “Zapatista Movement”, once again, never addressed the principal grievances of Mexico’s indigenous community. Made up of about 10 million people speaking around 62 ethnic languages and representing more than 60 different ethnic groups, the indigenous community make up 10% of […]