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  • Egypt’s June 30: A Military Coup or a Revival of Dreams?

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    The events recently witnessed in Egypt have clearly stirred a huge wave of controversy on the international front. International political analysts and politicians are now divided in their views; while some perceive the ousting of president Morsi as a great achievement, others view it as a “military coup” and a […]

  • Egypt: From Cosmopolitanism to Xenophobia

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    The focus this month in Future Challenges is on global citizens and migration, and how they are changing the faces of  our cities every day. In today’s world travel is cheaper and modern communications enable anyone to learn about other cultures and languages without leaving their own countries. So in […]

  • Does the Military Have a Gender?

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    The Military: A Male Institution by Definition “The military, the defence forces have no gender. Military only has power, the capability to fight, authority and social prestige. The unity of the defence forces does not know gender or age. There are female soldiers and there are male soldiers. Professional competence, […]

  • Cyberwar is Coming!

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    Throughout history, military doctrine, organization and strategy have continually undergone profound changes due in part to technological breakthroughs. Today, a variety of new technologies are once again taking hold, and further innovations are on the way. [issuu width=420 height=272 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120131150308-243f59728e0a4d56b61c889021259fcb name=cyberwar_is_coming_ username=futurechallenges tag=ict unit=px id=b0a28e44-2da4-3c5f-6f97-6b4ac4c5a16a v=2]