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  • Drought and famine: an insight to the Tarahumara

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    This past January, Mexico suffered one of the most alarming droughts in 80 years. The country is now experiencing water shortages trends, resulting in less food harvested due to the lack of access to water for irrigation. The drought has affected mainly the north part of the country –the states […]

  • Riqueza debajo de la tierra, pobreza por encima

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            Abstract: Is our mineral richness a curse? We have not been able to convert this wealth into economic and social growth and problems keep popping up all over the country, no matter the government, the laws or the companies working there. Bolivia’s mining history is not very […]

  • And We all Flow Down – A Look at Pakistan’s Water Crisis

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    Pakistan has long been a country recognized for its agriculture-based economy – whether after primary, secondary or tertiary processing is beside the point. Our exports-based economy really is based on agricultural produce – ranging from wheat and processed cotton to rice. Honestly speaking, this fact is stressed upon us so […]

  • Jordan’s Water Crisis

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    The problem of water scarcity puts an undeniable blight on the lives of millions of people, including in Jordan which has been ranked tenth out of the seventeen states in “extreme risk” by Maplecroft’s Water Stress Index. The challenges of water scarcity may seem remote to visitors to the rich […]

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    Colombia Under Water

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    The Colombian government needs to step up and assume the challenges of climate change. Not only because they have a responsibility with their citizens who are facing rougher rainy seasons every passing year, but also because of the responsibility they have to the rest of the planet and future generations as guardians of part of the Amazon basin.