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  • Nepal: Democracy and the Environment

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    Managing forests and conserving biodiversity is challenging for a  developing nation; and democracy does not guarantee success. Peter Burnell even questions the assumption that democracies are better for sustainability: “Conventional wisdom maintains that democracies are better for environmentally sustainable development than non-democracies. But that conventional wisdom needs to be qualified: First, the “established” […]

  • Nepal: The Allure of Censorship

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    Last month, Maria Farooq discussed how the information revolution can be hijacked and used for unsavoury purposes. Yet it’s not only terrorists and criminals that take advantage of technology, some governments too are  unfortunately also intent on subverting the revolution. The specter of censorship is a favourite discussion topic in online […]

  • Health Care Jobs for Nepal’s Unemployed

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    According to the  CIA World Factbook unemployment in Nepal stands at 46% (2008 est.), up from 42% (2004 est.).  Some recent estimates put it at around 40% – a staggering statistic to comprehend- almost half the working age population is unemployed. Nepal’s job crisis is largely due to a near continuous […]

  • Nepal: Social Media for Social Change

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    The recently published Corruption Perceptions Index ranks Nepal at the 154th position- the second most corrupt country in South Asia while Afghanistan comes in first at the 180th ranking. This poor showing, however, is no accident. In fact, corruption in Nepal is decades old and a deep festering sore which neither […]

  • Nepal’s Water Woes

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    Water resources is the focus of this month’s discussions here at Future Challenges. Steven Watson says that the world has sufficient water for the entire population, but it needs to be managed with a lot more care: “As the world’s population continues to grow our water supplies look set to […]