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  • The Olympics: Guess What? Nepal Was Also There!

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    Nepal – the name conjures up images of mountains, rivers, temples and chaotic urban centers. Sporting strength is not something usually associated with the country. Indeed, the recent London Olympics 2012 were yet another missed opportunity in the long list of disappointments for Nepal. No, we are not counting our […]

  • Nepal: Ignoring Public Education

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    According to the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), only 46% of boys and 38% of girls attend secondary school in Nepal. The number of those pursuing education beyond secondary school level is even more dismal. The majority of young people are barely literate and ill equipped to compete in the rapidly changing economy. If […]

  • Kathmandu: An Urban Ruin

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    When the poet Bhanubhakta Acharya (1814-1868) visited Kathmandu, he was struck by its amazing beauty. In a poem, he lavished praise on the city: “…The rich in this place are uncountable, each person’s mind is filled with joy. Kathmandu is an ocean of happiness, this may be the golden city that […]

  • Bhutan: Democracy advances but old fears still persist

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    It’s not everyday that you can listen to a dialogue that flits from geopolitics and tourism to dynasties and culture; from refugees and handicrafts to a World Bank-funded road that leaves you in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. It was precisely such a discussion, however, CultureSPEAK – Window Bhutan – that […]

  • Nepal’s Mental Health Gap

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    Health care is still a privilege in Nepal. Limited infrastructure and economic and social constraints combined with a lack of awareness force thousands of needy people to forego care. According to the World Bank, the country spends only 5.5% (up just 0.3% from 2007) of GDP on health care. Infectious diseases are […]