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  • woman in politic of Mongolia

    Mongolian Women’s Participation in Politics

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    With the parliamentary elections in Mongolia approaching next month, there will be more women’s nominations as woman’s quotas for political participation have now been approved by the parliament. Eleven parties are registered to run in the June 2012 elections, and each party will have to try and reach a target of 20% women […]

  • Less Money, Less Education, Less Opportunity?

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    Education is one of the keys that can help developing countries cope with the negative effects of their development status and reach strong economic growth – or even change their status from “developing” to “developed”. Higher education aimed at professionals and scholars can be the core of such processes, so […]

  • The Rise of Civil Society in Chile or a Puppet on a String

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    When it comes to social conflict, Chile has always stood apart from the rest of Latin American countries , given its liberal society and vigorous economy. However, 2011 brought widespread social discontent in Chilean society to the forefront. First and foremost, the  government of the first rightist President in office […]