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  • MIchelle Bachelet

    A Step Ahead and Two Behind – The Story of Chilean Women

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    2013 is election year in Chile. This November we will elect our new president – a female president. Yes! the presidential election is going to be fought between two very prominent politicians and both of them are women – Evelyn Rose Matthei Fornet from the right wing alliance and Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria from […]

  • "Education Reform", by opensourceway on Flickr

    Learning Our Lesson

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    As protesters around the world demand their right to a good education, Blanca Vera and Amaya Querejazu investigate the learning potential offered by public-private partnerships.

  • The Privatisation of Education In Chile

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    This study was published on Issuu by Education International: We are delighted to make this document available for use by any organisation or person interested in education, and particularly in quality public education for all. In this context, we think that the Chilean experience that has led to the privatisation […]

  • A Chilean Completo, by Paul Lowry

    A Piggy Problem in Chile

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    From the beginning of time, we have always invented and discovered new ways to live a healthy life and secure a reliable supply of food. In modern times we have secured food supplies by cultivating vast swathes of land and keeping large herds of livestock, and we are safeguarding our well-being by […]