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  • Solar Power for Development

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    Mexican sun and German technology are the two key components of Gregor Schapers’ innovative project. Deep in rural Mexico, in a small town of 450 inhabitants called El Sauz, Schapers, a German entrepreneur, founded Trinysol, a firm specializing in building cheap solar reflectors for small local businesses to bake, cook […]

  • Participants in "Governance for Sustainable Development" at the GES 2013

    Sense and Sustainability – How Women can Boost the Economy

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    This post was produced for the Global Economic Symposium 2013. Read more at Most of the panels at the Global Economic Symposium had quite a strict format,  with a bunch of luminaries in direct agreement over a topic discussing what the best approach  to the issue would be. Sometimes there […]

  • Are Subways the Gateway to Sustainable Growth in China?

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    Go to any of China’s major cities and you’re likely to find an underground metro system either up and running or nearing completion. The expense of building or expanding subway lines has often been the cause of political controversy in the West, but subways have found new enthusiastic advocates in […]