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Writer. UChicago Grad Student. Novelist-in-Progress. Budding Activist. Researcher. Consultant. Prolific Reader. History Buff. Lover of all things Africa. You can find my blog on human trafficking and development issues in Africa here.
  • Is the Playing Field Level for Stateless Olympiads?

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      “Do the Olympics highlight “free and fair” competition, or is it just one more scene in which the developing world’s disadvantages are starkly visible?” This is the question that was on my mind when I watched the Olympic Procession on July 28. Olympiads clad in colorful regalia pranced and […]

  • Work in the Developing World: Outsourcing to Nairobi Slums

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      In the Lead Article, entitled “Work in the Developing World,” I stressed the need for policy, partnership and cooperation across the private, non-profit, and public sectors to create jobs. This applies especially to addressing youth unemployment in the developing world, where in the year 2005, Africa’s youth unemployment reached […]