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Masha Egupova Twitter: @mashutsa

was born and grew up in Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East. She graduated from the Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok, Russia and Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Her main research interests are in the media communication field, print media analysis, media-Internet relations, and the challenges new Internet media present to traditional media. Besides that she is interested in covering the stories from Vladivostok, her home town.
  • War-Free Stop Sign by gnahcgem on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

    Wars for democracy or flaws of capitalism?

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    Politicians, scholars and philosophers have been debating the origins of war and peace for a very long time. There is no common solution and no shared viewpoint on this matter. Yet just because people have fought for centuries does not mean that it is not within our power to stop […]

  • FREE PUSSY RIOT #Pussyriot action in Brussels By maitea6

    Russia: The Vanguard of “Authoritarian Democracy”

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    At the end of 2010 both the Washington Post and the Economist created a new buzz word for describing the political situation in Hungary: “Putinization”. So how can Russia escape from its own “Putinization?” Russia has never been a big supporter of democratic freedoms, prefering to draw on its imperial […]

  • Is Education the Key? by Bohman on FLickr

    Russia: College Education in Distress

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                            Education is something many people seek and work hard to get. They believe that school competitions, student loans and best grades will give them better chances for a good job and a better life in the future. I agree […]

  • Ise cleavage next to Vladivostok. Photo by Vanya Kuznetsov

    Russia Uses Water Like There’s No Tomorrow

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    Water is treated as a liquid asset in some countries and considered as a natural given in others. Arid countries value water more than those with a more humid climate. Russia seems to value oil and gas as its most important assets, not water: it shows scant interest in limiting […]

  • Flower with Vladivostok panoram in the background. Photo by Jason Rogers

    Russia: Failed Green Policy and Civil Society Alternatives

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    Ulrike Reinhard’s article compares democracies to authoritarian regimes and the ways these political models address environmental issues. But what about a country that is neither a democracy nor a 100% authoritarian state? Failed democracies like Russia have a high level of corruption that creates situations in which the authorities turn […]