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I was born in Nepal, went to school in India, and college in the United States. I am currently a M.A candidate in International Relations at South Asian University, New Delhi. I completed my graduation from Truman State University in the US; I then worked at a Washington D.C based think tank. I then moved to India to work for an ESG analysis company. I am presently researching the interface between religion and politics in Nepal. I write for a number of online and print media.
  • Collective Democracy

    Nepal’s Complex Democracy: Re-thinking the Separation of Powers

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    The article responds to the Secrets of Transformation multimedia series, a joint project of Bertelsmann Transformation Index and Deutsche Welle.  Nepal’s November 2013 parliamentary elections set a national precedent for democratic governance. Ironically, with the right people in charge and support from the population, temporary restrictions on separation of powers may serve […]

  • The Bizarre Rise of the Shopping Mall in Nepal

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    Even when I was growing up in Kathmandu during the past two decades, there were obvious signs that the city was increasingly connecting up to a globalized world. International brandnames, for instance, were slowly making their appearance in Kathmandu’s street retail outlets. You used to go to the big bazaars, […]

  • Taking a Second Shot at Democracy

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    Second chances are hard to get. And when they do come they are burdened with the nostalgia of a failed past, hopes for an aspirational future, and tinged with a splash of careless apathy that banks on a third chance if this second one is missed as well. Nepal is now […]