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Stephanie is Regional Editor and writer at FutureChallenges.
  • Australia: Western Australia’s Shark Culling Has No Bite

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    Following a series of recent fatal shark attacks in Western Australia, the state government implemented its controversial pre-emptive shark mitigation strategy, a $6.85 million program that involves the installation of baited drumlines to catch and cull sharks measuring over 3 metres in length. The Government’s stance: cull or be killed […]

  • The Separation of Powers in Australia

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    The article responds to the Secrets of Transformation multimedia series, a joint project of Bertelsmann Transformation Index and Deutsche Welle.  The doctrine of the separation of powers has received increased attention in the Australian media in light of several recent judicial and political events. This doctrine is entrenched in the Australian Constitution, which establishes a […]

  • A Tale of Two Sydneys

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    Sydney is characterised by a distinct polarisation between its disadvantaged western areas and its affluent eastern suburbs where the central business district (CBD) is located. This inequity derives from an inadequate urban planning model with respect to transport accessibility, housing development and employment creation opportunities. There is no future in […]