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  • Economic success at Europe’s expense?

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    “Millions of rapacious Germans are coming every year as tourists and eating us out of house and home, tearing up our first class roads, taking shameless advantage of our cheap services, fantastic food and boundless hospitality. … And rapacious Germans forced people to invest their capital in German industry. Germany thrives […]

  • Bratislava 2012

    Slovakia: Bratislava, city border in spring

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    As part of our  coverage on “The New City” we asked our bloggers for some pictures from their cities. Are there any places in their cities that are prime examples for sustainable urban living? But it could also be a negative example in order to show how a city should not […]

  • 2009 Flood in Slovakia, Zemplín region. Photo by Peter Fenda

    Water Governance in Slovakia

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    First and foremost, what solving water governance issues requires is a proper feeling for scale. As the example of Slovakia, a country particularly rich in water resources, shows, solutions that are too grand or too local can be equally costly and result in failure. Small country, big differences Záhorie (“the […]