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  • Delhi: A Green View

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    An ancient city, Delhi is one of the largest metropolises in the world. It’s home to over 15 million people, a refuge for people from Tibet and Myanmar, an economic opportunity for those from Nepal and Bangladesh and the biggest magnet for migrants from across the whole country. India’s capital city […]

  • Kathmandu: An Urban Ruin

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    When the poet Bhanubhakta Acharya (1814-1868) visited Kathmandu, he was struck by its amazing beauty. In a poem, he lavished praise on the city: “…The rich in this place are uncountable, each person’s mind is filled with joy. Kathmandu is an ocean of happiness, this may be the golden city that […]

  • What’s a Capital Without the Capital?

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    “I was stranded on the IJP road and then later at the I-8 for hours on end with the roads all practically flooded. We were literally two people driving the car: one mistimed gear shift and we would have been stranded in the rain on the road for the next 6 […]

  • The Tipping Point

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    In 2008, our world crossed a demographic Rubicon: for the first time in history, more people lived in urban areas than in rural ones. On a planet effectively bursting at the seams, where megacities are growing faster than ever before, the question of whether the built environment is sustainable is […]