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  • The Anatomy of Graffiti: Arab Spring Arts and Protests

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    Graffiti has flourished with the onset of Arab revolutions, recording the ebb and flow of uprising across city walls in inspiring murals that mimic the triumphs and disappointments in a people’s fight for freedom. Beyond graffiti, it is no secret that the arts and culture scene in Egypt and the […]

  • Town planning for healthy communities

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    As a writer for Future Challenges, I have a long-term interest in building sustainable, inclusive and healthy communities. Several great initiatives in Australia are helping to achieve this vision. Earlier I mentioned the project Healthy Spaces & Places in a post for “Death Threat” and I would like to expand […]

  • Internal Migrant Workers in Delhi

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    “I was just twelve years when I came from Uttar Pradesh (a northern state of India) as a migrant worker with the help of a relative,” says Ram Charan Yadav my neighbourhood vegetable vendor. He sits outside my apartment complex and claims to have been selling vegetables here for the […]

  • Norodom Boulevard in 1960s compared to 2011

    The dream of a greener and healthier capital for Cambodia

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    Cambodia is admired for its rapid transformation and infrastructure development. Recalling French colonization (1863-1953) and the Khmer Rouge period (1975-1979), Phnom Penh, the capital of the country, is rapidly becoming the latest Asian tourist playground with boutique hotels and new buildings. Ron Gluckman, an American reporter who spent much of […]