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  • Iglesia catedral de Iquitos

    Iquitos, una ciudad en la encrucijada

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    Abstract: The consolidation of a city has around it a number of unimaginable events, that even fail to be counted. Thus, there are such different stories as established cities, built not only from the internal dynamics of its inhabitants, but from outsiders (that invade or migrate). In this article we will learn on the dynamic of the city of Iquitos in the full Peruvian Amazon. It brings together the magic and mysticism given by its geographical location (it is perhaps the world’s […]

  • Co-constituents or Consumers?

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    For the first time in history, the number of city dwellers outnumber those living in rural areas. What does this mean for our cities and how does this affect the city of tomorrow – ones already in existence and those that are yet to be developed? There are many definitions […]

  • Rapid Urbanization: Lessons From the Hungarian Rust-Belt

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    The rapid development of megacities is a characteristic feature of today’s world. Megacities bring many positive changes to people’s lives in developing countries; however, the negative implications of such unsustainable growth also weigh heavy in the balance. Given the changes and challenges that rapid urbanization produces, the recent past offers many useful lessons for […]

  • Water Flows away from the Mubarak Pumping Station in Southern Egypt

    One Country’s Ambition to Push back the Sahara Desert

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    Egypt has a population topping 80million. Most of that number is huddled around the Nile River as it makes its long, winding journey across the east of the country, leaving vast desert to the west and south of the country. Two mega-cities, Cairo and Alexandria, sit in strategic places of […]