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  • Paris’ electric rent-a-cars are struggling to gain momentum

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    The French capital’s new electric car rental scheme Autolib’ raised high hopes as a cost-effective means of making transport more livable and environmentally-friendly in one of Europe’s largest and most-visited cities. However, the program has so far been unable to achieve the same success as the city’s similar bicycle rental […]

  • ‘Friends’ of the Environment

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    Television shows like Friends and Seinfeld may have inadvertently been among the best things to have happened to the environment over the last few decades. These shows are not about environmental issues. They don’t cause people to want to be environmentalists – at least not directly. Instead, these American sitcoms, […]

  • Megalopolises – houses for many, homes for none

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    The new age of industrialization and globalization is giving rise to unforeseen migration patterns across the globe. It’s giving birth to an increasing  demographic movement towards urban and sub-urban areas. This sudden movement of the masses has taken our Chilean cities by surprise. Modern megalopolises are now under tremendous pressure to provide […]

  • Thimphu’s Tipping Point

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    Last year, in Thimphu the capital of Bhutan, there was a pedestrian route that led from the center of the city’s  busy main street Norzin Lam up to the Chorten Lam thoroughfare. I would walk this path daily, though there was some risk involved: just after Thai Park, the sidewalk ended […]