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  • The Challenges of Fixing the Hungarian Brain Drain

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    As ever more Hungarians decide to leave the country, Hungary faces a creeping social crisis. Who will replace those young talents who emigrate? And what effect will this have on the way we Hungarians define ourselves? To understand such questions, you have to dig deeper into the history of the […]

  • Menschentraube on Wiki Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

    Global Migration: Changing the way we define our identity?

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    When my parents moved to Australia with me as a screaming baby in tow, the situation in Sudan was dire, true, but it was much more an economic and socio-political decision rather than one of safety. This type of migration is increasingly common, particularly to a migration based nation such […]

  • Rita Laura Melgar, de pie, mientras da tutoría a estudiantes de matemáticas en la Universidad de San Francisco. Esta salvadoreña comenzará a trabajar en la NASA en junio próximo.

    La fuga de cerebros: una salvadoreña en la NASA

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    Abstract: Rita Laura Melgar is a 27 year old Salvadorean, who became a mother when she was 16. As a brilliant student, she managed herself to finish her secondary and superior studies in El Salvador. In her own country, she worked as an assistant teacher, with a US$600 salary. Six […]