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  • Maria Medalha, photo by Antonio Miotto on Biscate Social Blog under CC BY NC.

    Women and the perils of homelessness in Brazil

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    Homeless people are a reality worldwide; they are often driven to a life on the streets by unemployment, alcohol addiction and disputes with relatives. In Brazil, civil society and government initiatives are trying address the needs of those struggling to live on the streets. But as the blog of the […]

  • Catcalls and the right to the city

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    JULIANA CUNHA In Brazil, a campaign against catcalls is drawing attention to the situation of women in cities. Male catcallers are found in many places around the world and there’s no shortage of them either in any city in Brazil. It’s highly unlikely for a woman to spend a day […]

  • Inclusive growth in Brazil: Going beyond Bolsa Família

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    When discussing inclusive growth in Brazil, most economists interested in development focus on the central role played by the Bolsa Família  (Family Allowance) program in improving living standards among the country’s poorest. This program is now one of the most scrutinized social programs in the world, garnering international praise from […]