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Luis Felipe Morgado Luis Felipe

Young professional currently working in São Paulo, Brazil, in risk consulting. I am passionate about the intersection of politics and markets, with a focus on integrity and governance in developing countries.
  • Linha Amarela

    Bridging the Corruption Gap in Brazil

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    The fight against corruption is an ever-present key issue in Brazilian media and society. It’s common knowledge that, despite Brazil’s vast economic potential and the country’s commitment to political and social stability, much of its growth has been sapped by the cancer of corruption. Whether through inefficient governance and institutions […]

  • Inclusive growth in Brazil: Going beyond Bolsa Família

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    When discussing inclusive growth in Brazil, most economists interested in development focus on the central role played by the Bolsa Família  (Family Allowance) program in improving living standards among the country’s poorest. This program is now one of the most scrutinized social programs in the world, garnering international praise from […]

  • Achieving growth and sustainability in the Amazon

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      The trade-off between growth and sustainability is a popular and much discussed topic in Brazil in these times of sustainable development. On the one hand, most mainstream politicians, the present government included, are enamored of economic growth at almost any cost, hoping this will welcome back foreign investment. Yet […]