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  • Adult Life Put on Hold

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    I remember the day I passed my final exam at university. It was one of the happiest days of my life as it meant that I was no longer a student and had completed a significant phase of my life. Completing higher education signifies the entry into adult life. You […]

  • Allchar: a road to the sun, a road to big profit

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    There is only one place in the world where the mineral lorandite can be found in its purest form and in such vast quantities.  That place is Allchar (Alshar) and is located in the Kozuf mountain Kozuf in Southern  Europe, more precisely in Macedonia. Lorandite is important for science as […]

  • Imer Selmani running for elections in Macedonia

    When Ethnos Decides, Not Demos

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    When voters go to the voting booth they think which candidate offers the best program for education, the lowest taxes, the best pension system, the most reliable healthcare system, the economic policies that ensure low interest rates, safety in the streets, etc. We might assume that voters in Macedonia face […]