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  • Prevention Reduces Death Threat.

    Prevention is better than cure is an old saying but one that still holds true and on a much larger scale than one might at first think.  The economic burden that the health sector puts on the already mismanaged economies of third world countries could be substantially reduced by practising preventive medicine and educating […]

  • The Internet – A Tool of Power and Control

    The world has discovered much over the course of time and people have evolved much more sophisticated social organs. However, the tendency for people never to fully trust each other has also increased over the course of history. Look at history and we are sure to notice a pattern of conspiracies and biased […]

  • Syrian opposition poster

    Syrian Opposition, Buoyed By UN Vote, Charts New Future

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    Opposition parties that effectively ousted decades-old regimes are now battling their way toward self-governance. Despite throwback by Assad’s regime, Syrian opposition parties are also thinking ahead. Ausama Monajed, senior advisor to the Secretary General of The Syrian National Council (SNC), Syria’s main opposition party, described a plan of action the […]