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  • (Re)actions for Democracy from the Balkans

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    Democracy apart, there is no other idea so often extinguished, despised, rejected as irredeemably utopian and reborn again and yet again as the deep human need for justice. Even so, less noble human characteristics such as greed, envy, arrogance, intolerance and aggressiveness, combined with our tendency to avoid responsibility seem […]

  • A set of eleven statues erected near India Gate, New Delhi to pay tribute to a group Indian freedom fighters and social reformers

    Freedom of Expression: The Ethos of a Democracy

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    I can well imagine the slack jawed  expressions on some our front benchers’ beatific faces on seeing political cartoonist Aseem Trivedi’s cartoons on the net. Personnally I didn’t think they were extraordinarily funny  and were more the work of an amateur artist. Yet the portrayal of the three lions in […]