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  • A Mysterious Coup

    The Maldives’ Former President is Not About to Go Quietly In the European mind, the Maldives is a tranquil island paradise of exotic settlements and sun-kissed beaches. In February 2012, the archipelago’s president was Mohamed Nasheed, 44, a charismatic man admired by environmental campaigners for his impassioned calls to reduce […]

  • Is revocation a real manifestation of popular sentiment?

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    Although the history of democracy in Latin America began in the first decades of the nineteenth century, two hundred years later we still keep talking about “young” and even “precarious” democracies when referring to the different countries of the region. And democracy in Latin America certainly has been a series […]

  • Aye and G’day, Ready to Break Away?

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    From Syria to Tunisia to Scotland, people seem to be taking political processes into their own hands. Are we shifting from a heavy reliance on those who once ruled and held complete power to building governance from the bottom-up? If given the opportunity to do the same, would Australia take […]

  • Preventing the rollback of democracy in Pakistan

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    A couple of days ago, the country faced a nationwide electricity blackout for several hours when the main national grid station tripped and backups crashed. When we heard the news, the first thought that ran through the minds of many people, myself included, was that perhaps the army had overthrown […]