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  • “The Western Model of Development Is Past Its Sell-By Date!”

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    This post was produced for the Global Economic Symposium 2013 to accompany a session on “Towards Sustainable Consumption.” Read more at Chandran Nair, the last speaker at the Sustainable Consumption session at GES 2013, electrified the hall with his contrarian ideas about sustainable consumption. From his perspective, the idea […]

  • Zen and the Art of Growth Maintenance

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      At the previous session I attended at the GES things had gotten a little bit philo– if not straight up theo-sophical. At this one, curiously entitled “Economics, Intersubjectivity and the Crisis of the Future” I was seated next to a Buddhist monk. With shaven head and dressed in the […]

  • Solar power plant (Serpa, Portugal)

    Slovakia: Paying unsustainably more for sustainability?

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    In terms of its technology, I have no worries about Slovakia’s ability to sustain growth when compared to other countries.  If the West has been able to achieve its present level of development, then we can reach it too. If Westerners continue to have enough energy to maintain their standard of living, […]