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  • Finding the right balance for immigration to Brazil

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    If we look from the country perspective, is it always an advantage having foreigners? Well, not always. We just have to remember the genocide suffered by indigenous people in all Americas. However, over time, immigrants came to Brazil and helped build a country. Nowadays, the country began to receive both low and high skilled workers, like Haitians and Germans. How are their lives here?

  • Migration to Israel

    Work to live? Or live to work?

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    I want to forestall any idea that the view expressed in this blog might possibly trigger controversy. I am talking for the most part on behalf of a more privileged third generation of immigrants to Germany. This however is not supposed to belie my awareness of the variety of other, […]

  • Egypt: Heaven or Hell for Syrian Refugees?

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    Out of the one and a half million Syrians living in Egypt, more than 300,000 have recently come here seeking a safe haven from the never ending shelling and bombing in their homeland. Thousands of Arabs, mostly Muslims, believed that Egypt is where they could start all over again and […]