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  • 5 medals

    Mongolian Sportspersons Do their Country Proud!

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    We were all affected and inspired by Olympic fervor and it was a proud moment for Mongolia when  a Mongolian woman wrestler, two judokas and two boxers won a total of five medals at the 2012 London Olympics.Wherever I went people were talking about the judokas  and boxers at the Olympics […]

  • What’s happening in Southern Mongolia?

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    People across the world now have the opportunity to see direct media coverage of events as they unfold. It made Mongolians shudder when they watched the self  immolation video of  the Tibetan monk  and  moved them immensely when they saw the Dalai Lama – the Tibetan leader cry for his people. […]

  • Ninjas destroying Mongolian Grasslands

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    A modern “Ninja” is far from the deadly Japanese warrior that one has in mind. Instead these are Artisan miners in Mongolia who dig dirt, live as outlaws and seek  gold from old/used mining fields. The grasslands of Mongolia are scattered with neglected gold mine sites which have not been […]

  • Ninjas Threaten Way of Life in Mongolian Grasslands

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    “Ninja”–or artisan miners–in Mongolia are people who dig dirt, live like outlaws and seek gold on old/used mining fields. There are around 5000 such artisan miners working in Uyanga soum /village/ of Uvurkhangai aimag / province/ in Mongolia, today. It was rumored that ninjas were reducing in last few years […]