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  • Rita Laura Melgar, de pie, mientras da tutoría a estudiantes de matemáticas en la Universidad de San Francisco. Esta salvadoreña comenzará a trabajar en la NASA en junio próximo.

    La fuga de cerebros: una salvadoreña en la NASA

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    Abstract: Rita Laura Melgar is a 27 year old Salvadorean, who became a mother when she was 16. As a brilliant student, she managed herself to finish her secondary and superior studies in El Salvador. In her own country, she worked as an assistant teacher, with a US$600 salary. Six […]

  • This is an advertisement: "You want to get married? We put you in touch with mademoiselles, hijabis, niqabis and Syrians". Image circulated on Twitter

    Refugee brides: the bounties of war

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    “There are many who don’t wish to sleep for fear of nightmares. Sadly, there are many who don’t wish to wake for the same fear.” (Richelle Goodrich) It’s two years now since the Syrian people first took to the streets to protest against the dictatorial iron fist of Bashar Al-Assad. […]

  • 20 Revolutionary Men

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    Look at any TV report about a business forum in Macedonia, a chamber of industry and commerce convention, a government session, a high level political meeting or a conference of municipal mayors* – and what do you see? You see that there are almost no women there! Then listen to […]