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  • Learning to Help – The New Kind of Education

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    Education in today’s world requires much more than a curriculum packed with subjects like mathematics, geography and sciences. Now even though education of this kind is important and should be given our highest priority, it just doesn’t fulfill the role of a “good education” let alone a great one. You […]

  • A rural school in a Mazahua community in the Estado de México.

    From Feudalism to Partnership

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    “De Panzazo”, a 2012 documentary directed by journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, exposes Mexico’s failures in education throughout the last century. A popular expression meaning “barely approved” in English, “De Panzazo” presents a concise, captivating, and even humorous overview of the Mexican education crisis, claiming that both public and private […]

  • Boosting education in pakistan with public/private partnerships

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    The world over,  education is being given top priority in all government budgets as it is universally recognized as a vital block for building a progressive state. In Pakistan education is overseen by the government’s Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, while the federal government mostly assists in curriculum […]