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Innovations As Solutions – Better Life By New Technologies

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Gregor Schäpers´ own solar reflectors for producing  Agave Syrup, cooking, baking and boiling water. Photograph by Daniel Kapellmann.

Solar reflectors for producing Agave Syrup, cooking, baking and boiling water in Mexico. Photograph by Daniel Kapellmann.


Every innovation begins with an idea – and every idea has its origin. Regarding technological innovations one can say that the origin of most ideas is to make life easier. But is making life easier the only incentive for us to innovate or is it more about pure change?

Anyone who deals with the effects of technological innovations in developing countries or rural areas is aware that every little idea can create countless changes. Having an idea at the right spot is what improves our life.

There are many pioneers, start-ups and organizations that have created change and improved the lives of millions of people in the developing world. Many of these innovations are simple but effective.

Simple innovations can often be done at an affordable price for people in developing countries. And it is easier to get support for simple and affordable innovations.

In this respect, one of the organizations that looked at the use of technologies for basic needs is Siemens Foundation’s network empowering People. Award. The Award wants to “connect innovations for basic supply problems in developing countries with potential partners, investors and other key players in development work.”  Projects can be promoted and therefore contribute to the improvement or simplification of life in specific regions.

In this Global Issue we present you three projects in developing countries that use technology to meet basic needs and which are part of Siemens Foundation’s empowering people. Network. We are also asking our worldwide blogger network to share their stories about similar projects that are improving people’s life all over the world.

Is there a story in your region you want to share with the world?

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