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  • "Education Reform", by opensourceway on Flickr

    Learning Our Lesson

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    As protesters around the world demand their right to a good education, Blanca Vera and Amaya Querejazu investigate the learning potential offered by public-private partnerships.

  • The Tipping Point

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    In 2008, our world crossed a demographic Rubicon: for the first time in history, more people lived in urban areas than in rural ones. On a planet effectively bursting at the seams, where megacities are growing faster than ever before, the question of whether the built environment is sustainable is […]

  • 2 curious kids peering into a cell phone.

    The Revolution in your Pocket

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    The little cell phone, the connected computer at the corner shop and the little kid who knows how to operate them all – just the right ingredients for an information revolution that will empower the great masses of India.

  • Globalization and the Rise of Megacities in the Developing World

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    Thomas Friedman has argued in The World is Flat that those who deny rapid globalizationwill not survive in the global economy. In this paper the authors critically discuss Friedman’s views and highlight the new globalization driven by outsourcing and vertical specialization. Second, they argue that Friedman pays insufficient attention to […]