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  • Olympic Rings in London / flickr user duncan c / CC-BY-NC-3.0

    The Olympics: A Tale of Two Worlds

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    Do the Olympic Games provide a unique opportunity for us to come together on a level playing field, or are they just one more circumstance in which the differences between the developed and developing worlds are shown in stark relief?

  • Prevention Reduces Death Threat.

    Prevention is better than cure is an old saying but one that still holds true and on a much larger scale than one might at first think.  The economic burden that the health sector puts on the already mismanaged economies of third world countries could be substantially reduced by practising preventive medicine and educating […]

  • Deep-rooted Beliefs in Alternative Healing Mechanisms

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    When the health care systems of developing nations are compared to those of developed countries, critics easily forget the critical reasons behind the lack of a reasonable health care system in these countries. It is not “always” about the governing bodies; it is sometimes about deep-rooted beliefs that need serious attention. Only […]

  • To Prevent or not to Prevent – that is the Question in Pakistan

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    A Passionate Smoker, Photo by Nandadevieast on Flickr, (CC BY 2.0)   As fatality from non-communicable diseases rises in Pakistan, the importance of prevention of such diseases as opposed to treatment is evaluated. The World Health Organization considers smoking to be a global disease. The prevalence and subsequent deadly effect of […]

  • Una dolencia en común

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    Local governments and international organizations have made remarkable efforts to provide health security to their people. Nevertheless, the situation has not changed for the poor in many countries across some different regions. A deeper analysis of the situation in some Asian and Latin American countries shows us that the healthcare […]