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  • Boys playing soccer in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro

    BRICS Reports: The Big Easy

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    This article is part of a cooperation between Future Challenges and the Sustainable Governance Indicators (SGI). SGI’s new study “Change Ahead? Sustainable Governance in the BRICS” examines policy making in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. We’ve asked five of our bloggers to tell us what they think about the reports. At the […]

  • War-Free Stop Sign by gnahcgem on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

    Wars for democracy or flaws of capitalism?

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    Politicians, scholars and philosophers have been debating the origins of war and peace for a very long time. There is no common solution and no shared viewpoint on this matter. Yet just because people have fought for centuries does not mean that it is not within our power to stop […]

  • Flower with Vladivostok panoram in the background. Photo by Jason Rogers

    Russia: Failed Green Policy and Civil Society Alternatives

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    Ulrike Reinhard’s article compares democracies to authoritarian regimes and the ways these political models address environmental issues. But what about a country that is neither a democracy nor a 100% authoritarian state? Failed democracies like Russia have a high level of corruption that creates situations in which the authorities turn […]