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  • Can we find the correct balance between the state and civil society?

    Relationship Trouble

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    What is the future of the relationship between the state and its citizens? Will the social-welfare state rise supreme, or some variety of unfettered capitalism, with minimal state involvement? Will new models rise instead? What can citizens expect from their governments in the future?

  • A Tale of Two Systems

    The recent public scuffle (see YouTube video above) between a mainland Chinese family and Hong Kong commuters may have been a mere indication of a broader cultural clash. It took little to ruffle nationalist feelings – prior to this, girls snacking on trains were not seen as sparkplugs for protests. The […]

  • Solomon Islands: young people flock to the city in search of jobs

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    In search of employment opportunities, young people from the outer provinces of Solomon Islands flock to Honiara – the country’s capital – in massive droves.  There, they bunk with their extended relations who live in peri-urban settlements and in overcrowded housing.  The only source of drinking water is from a […]