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What’s Texas Without the Twang?

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Whats Texas Without the Twang
Whats Texas Without the Twang

Art-project “Depersonalization”. Kiev, Ukraine. Some rights reserved by Ruslan Kapral. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) 

Economically-driven migration is hardly something new; people have been traveling the world in search of better economic opportunities since time began. But the pace of this back-and-forth is increasing, and many barriers are coming down. What does this mean for us?

The Future Challenges team works together to choose each topic that we discuss. We gather proposals from our network, select a general topic from these proposals, draft several important questions, and then vote together on the final question.

This content package deals with the cultural stress that arises as economic realities and a globalized world drive many people far afield in search of opportunity. As our communities change, we change as well. Are these changes for better or for worse? What is gained and what is lost? Our team voted for the following question:

Migration brings new faces to our cities every day, and it takes others away. Successful economies worldwide lure young job-seekers, while many social and economic factors keep (or drive) others home. How are identities changing as a result of this mass migration? How are we as individuals altered by these new interactions? Are our identities and the things that make us unique getting washed away? Or are we becoming cultural mash-ups, but still as unique as ever?

Future Challenges authors are in 65 countries in the developed and the developing world. Take your pick from the Local Views on the right, and explore the ways in which writers from around the world think about this critical issue.

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