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  • Current Minister of Superior Court Joaquim Barbosa at the ceremony of his possession. He was the referendary responsible for the process of Mensalão.Photo taken by Jonas Pereira/Agência Senado on Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

    The Shy and Gradual Revolution

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    The time for big revolutions is gone. This doesn’t mean we do not change — on the contrary, we’re changing now more than ever. But change is already a conservative aspect of our society. One of the few certainties we have is that we are going to think and live differently […]

  • It’s simply a fight for life

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    The Brazilian model in the fight of the AIDS epidemic has been hailed as an inspiration for other governments, especially in the developing world. However, as it consolidates its bold strategies and eagerly waits for a new perspective of cure, the government must devise a plan to update positive aspects and explore even more opportunities in the fight for life.

  • La llegada de Julieta

    Parto en casa: nacer no es una enfermedad

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    Abstract: For medicine, pregnancy is considered a disease and childbirth is part of a surgical protocol. The “clinicalization” of labor involves the intervention of a number of violent and invasive procedures that have been standardized. A process as natural as birth has become a totally unnatural event and manipulated, but […]